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Full Version: Halo 1 dds editing
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Can anyone tell me why ends up looking like after i inject it back into the map? That happens to every dds i change. In gimp it looks good but when i inject it in HMT it looks like shit.
Its maybe a setting somewhere?

Also when i tried to save the file i said that the file appears to be a volume map and it cannot save it as a volume map.
No idea what that means lol

Thank you for any help you can give me Smile
(Jan 21, 2011 10:31)ofnuts Wrote: [ -> ]Your screen shots are way too small... what I notice is that the Gimp version is rectangular while the other is square, to some automatic horizontal rescaling happened and when there aren't much pixels and the rescaling algorithm is fairly basic you get a lot of artefacts.

But I think part of the problem comes from the utilities to transform the bitmaps from Gimp back into Halo files (or the way you use them). What happens if you extract something from Halo, up to some format Gimp understands (BMP, PNG, TIF, JPEG...) and then re-inject it back to Halo without changes?

Yes i dont know why they are so small, my screen is 1680x1050 and i pasted the shot directly into paint so as far as i know it should stay at 1680x1050, i will try to get them bigger on photobucket.

I dont really do anything special to the files, in HMT i can select the bitmap i want to change, then i can save it as a dds file, then i just open it with Gimp and change the color or something and then i save it as dds RGB8 file. last step i just use HMT and inject the dds file back into the Halo Map file and then it ends up looking like I just reuploaded that file like 6 times but i cant find why its so small, i think stupid photobucket makes them smaller so you cannot see them and have to "Go Pro" if you want good quality Smile
Yes i am using a DDS plugin for that, i will attempt to contact the author.

Just tested it by saving a file from HMT, renaming it and then injecting it back into the Halo map file.
Result is that the file is not corrupted by HMT, i do get the feeling that somehow the file
is changed when i open/save it with GIMP.
I'll try some different options to see if i may have missed something.

I just noticed that after i injected a file(in which i changed a color) back into the Halo map file the
file which i changed was corrupted and also another file was corrupted.
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