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Hi! I'm actually working with gimp and I intend to, in near future, start to help in gimp development by reporting bugs and even coding something. I think gimp is a wonderful tool, and I will soon start to give classes teaching it.

I hope I could get some help with bug reporting in gimp... is something here in the forum to discuss it? Sorry if is an obvious question, I'm a newbie here Smile

Greetings to all gimp users!
Freewanderer, where might these classes be?
(Jun 21, 2012 18:59)Glock33 Wrote: [ -> ]Freewanderer, where might these classes be?

Hi Glock33! It's going to be here in my country, Brazil. If you happen to live here, send me an e-mail or private message and I will happily give you more details Smile

And thanks ofnuts for the links!
Free, sorry, live in USA. Mikey
Welcome to the community, Freewanderer
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