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Full Version: One of my digital paintings
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A recent digital painting I did with GIMP and my wacom tablet. I started with a pencil sketch on paper, scanned it and painted everything with GIMP.[attachment=105]
I think the coloring could be improved, and make it look more alive sort to speak, but still nicely done. I also think that the background like trees, and sky could be changed or enhanced for more life in the photo.
To me again, it looks very very good and complete. I believe the colouring is meant to be in such manner.
Thanks for your remarks guys. I'm having a great deal of fun working with GIMP and find it to be very flexible, powerful and easy to learn and use. I am working on my technique and look forward to developing my skills! I have more on my facebook page, where I take every opportunity to advocate GIMP and open source software. I have not read the forum rules, so I will not put a link here, but I hope to add more art work I've done with GIMP on this forum soon.
wow...I just noticed that this is quite a bit different on my lap top. Much lighter, and the gradient in the sky is washed out. I have to wonder if this anything I can control, or is it beyond my control and color/tone is completely up to the mercy of the viewers display device?
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