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Full Version: GIMP Animation Package
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The GIMP Animation Package (GAP) is an advanced tool to be able to create animations in GIMP.

How to go about downloading GAP?
Here is some additional info about GAP I found on Wikipedia,

GIMP Animation Package (GAP) is an advanced plug-in for GIMP for creating animations, it extends GIMP's normal capabilities. GAP is capable of saving animations in several formats including GIF and AVI. The animation function relies on the layering capability of GIMP. By creating separate layers and treating each one as an animation cell, then placing and rotating image layers within time constraints, the animation effect is produced. In this way, an animated GIF or encoded video file can be produced. GAP has further functionality in that different programmed layer transitions and timing as well as move paths are available this allows for the creation of sophisticated animations.
How do you install/add a plug-in?
I am on Gimp 2.4, and there is a Windows installer for Gimp animation package. It can be downloaded from the GIMP installers for Windows project's page.

Direct link,

However I'm not sure if that works with the latest version 2.6.
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