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Full Version: paths disappear after saving and closing a file
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Hi GIMPers,

I started using GIMP on a PC a couple of months ago after developing skills in PS over the years on my Macs at home and at work.

I like GIMP and it's stable nature along with everything else... in addition to allot of standard photo editing and graphics creation, I recently used it for some of the animation filters, which are nice.

The only problem I'm having is that when I create a path, or multiple paths, and have them in the paths palette, after I save and close the file that contains the paths, the next time I open that file my paths are gone... completely disappeared.

Does anyone know a solution to this problem or know what I may be doing wrong?

Thanks so much,

This is the 2.6.11 version of GIMP.

No matter how many paths I have created that show up in my paths palette, I save the file and close it, then the next time I open the file, or even do a "save as", the original file has no paths in the palette or anywhere when I re-open it.

No, I save my files in PSD or TIFF so they will open in PS and other photo editing apps... these formats save my paths in other photo editing apps so I would figure that they would be able to be saved in the same formats in GIMP.

Does the XCF format open in PS ?

I just get the standard choices in an interface when I save to the TIFF format... "Compression - None - LZW - Pack Bits - Deflate - JPEG"... I always choose, "None".

Not being able to save paths in PSD is a huge drawback... and this installation of GIMP 2.6 doesn't save paths in TIFF no matter what I do.

This could be a major upgrade change to make in the next version... SAVE PATHS IN PSD AND IN TIFF FORMATS LIKE OTHER PHOTO EDITING APPS.

If XCF won't open in other apps, what good is it... proprietary formats only make using GIMP a drawback.


Has anyone figured this out yet? I seem to be having the same problem, the only way the paths save are as xcf's. When I export the file as anything else (jpeg, tif, gif) all I see is the layer, all of the text paths are missing. This is driving me nuts, any help would be appreciated!
The paths are stroked, they are words in a circle. I can see the words in GIMP and they save as GIMP files but when I export the file in another format all I get is the background circle. None of the words (which are stroked paths) show up.

Your key words that you used are "...but when I export the file in another format...".

What is your definition of "another format"?... that's a very broad term.

If you save it to a PSD, it will not carry over your paths to Photoshop and you won't save your paths in a PSD even if you re-open it in GIMP.

Saving paths in the JPEG format does not work either under any circumstances... some people are confused about even that.

If you want to save your paths, save to the proprietary GIMP .XCF format... of course that only works to save your paths if you are going to re-open the file again in GIMP.

If you want to save your paths in GIMP and then re-open that file along with its paths in Photoshop or another photo editor that supports paths, then you need to save the file to a TIFF format.
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