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Full Version: 12 Things You Maynot Know About Gimp
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Hey guys Mike Schwartz here, and I realized today that there's a lot of people who use Gimp, but don't really know the history of it, nor even care, but if you're a Gimp freak like me, and absolutely love the software, and wanna know the history about it, or simply just wanna findout some stuff about it that will make you feel more at home with Gimp (sort to speak) then here's "6 Things You Maynot Know About Gimp".

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12: GIMP was originally created for UNIX systems.

11: Gimp's original creators are Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis

10: Gimp's development originally started in 1995, but it's first public release (v0.54) was in January of 1996.

9: Gimp's acronym originally stood for "General Image Manipulation Program" until it became part of the GNU Project in 1997 changing the acronym from "General Image Manipulation Program" into "GNU Image Manipulation Program".

8: Gimp's official mascot is known as Wilber, and was created by Tuomas Kuosmanen in September 1997.

7: Tux, the Linux mascot, was originally created by Larry Ewing using GIMP (Source)

6: The "XCF" used in the extension for GIMP's native file format is a tribute to the student-run eXperimental Computing Facility at the University of California's Berkley campus -- where Peter Mattis and Spencer Kimball first started writing GIMP.

5: GIMP has translations for 75 different languages.

4: GIMP developers are all volunteers. It is probably the largest software development project which can say that.

3: GIMP comprises over a million lines of source code (it just recently reached that milestone).

2: The "-fu" in Script-fu is a reference to the martial art of Kung Fu.

1: Did any of you know, that Google's original logo from back in 1999 was made in GIMP? (Source)

For further information about GIMP visit their official Wikipedia page.
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