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Full Version: Talk bubbles
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Thanks for all of your previous help with rounded corners. much appreciated.

Can someone give me some guidance with creating talk bubbles?

you can also hold shift while using the circle creator to keep adding circles to the selection and then right click>edit>stroke selection when youre done, if you are like myself and hate that damn paths tool. you can use the rectangle and the circles in the same selection as well.
(Feb 10, 2012 00:50)ofnuts Wrote: [ -> ]Very easy.

- Create ellipse/rectangle/rounded rectangle selection
- Select/To path
- Edit path with Path editor
- Add three points to the path (Ctrl-Click *3)
- Drag the middle one
- Ctrl-Shift-click the inward tangent handles on the two corner points to remove them.
- Adjust the tangent handles on the dragged point
- Stroke the path

Thanks for your reply.
I tried it unsuccessfully. Can you please assist me further?
I created a New Image. Then using rectangle tool, I created a rectangle inside the image.
I don't know how/where to "edit path with path Editor".
I tried Paths Tool, Tried to add three points, shift-clicked the inner-most points, selected stoke path, but no color filled in.
I don't understand how to add three points, I guess, or how to stroke a color.
Thanks again for any additional help.
Thanks for the info.
I've tried it again, but can't seem to make a square talk bubble.
Here is the image of it. It seems when I drag the point down it makes the curve down too. Any additional help will be appreciated.
Quote:Can someone give me some guidance with creating talk bubbles?

all sorts of ways, here is my stab at it.
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