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Full Version: Faceless
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Yo what's crackin peeps? Today we're going to create this faceless photo manipulation.
[Image: facelessfinal.png]

So first off you're going to need an image to start out with, and I have this image below of Kortney, which is a chick I went to school with, and the man who took the photo is Chris Keeling. Additionally were going to be using the GMIC plugin in this tutorial as well, so make sure you get that.
[Image: kortney.jpg]

So first off import the image into gimp, and set the layer name to "hand-face" that way we know what layer to use when we're gonna add her face into her hand.

Then duplicate that layer, and name it "faceless". Then grab your smudge tool (S), and select the "Circle Fuzzy (19)" brush, and then begin smudging her skin to cover her eyes, and lips, but also try to get the colors to flow, and merge together as seen below.
[Image: part1u.png]

Then do the same to the nose.
[Image: part2du.png]

We're also going to hide that watermark with our smudge tool.
[Image: part3l.png]

Now were going to go to Filters/GMIC and open up Enhancement and then select "Anisotropic Smoothing" which is what were going to use to give her that soften skin effect, and leave the settings at default.
[Image: part4r.png]

Then smudge the face a little more so it doesn't look like the face is there.
[Image: part5l.png]

Now move your "faceless" layer behind your "hand-face" layer, and then select your "hand-face" layer, and give it an alpha channel (Layer/Transparency/Add Alpha Channel), then grab your paths tool (B) as we need to make a simple selection of her face. Once selected press CTRL+I or go to Select/Invert as this will select outside of what you originally selected, and then hit delete (Edit/Clear), and then SHIFT+CTRL+A (Select/None) so we just have her face.

Go to Layer/Autocrop Layer and then grab your Perspective Tool (SHIFT+P) and plane it on her hand as seen below.
[Image: part6n.png]

Now go back to your Smudge Tool (S) and smudge the face so it looks like it's in the hand. (I also removed that thing on her wrist as well using the smudge tool)
[Image: part7.png]

Then smudge where her fingers are to remove thoughs things that look like stickers.

Now make a new layer, and name it "face" and then grab your Airbrush Tool (A), and make sure your Foreground color is White (#FFFFFF), then begin drawing over her face so we can get that faceless look. (I had to duplicate the face layer, and set the mode to overlay to get the right look I wanted)
[Image: part8.png]

Now flatten all the layers by going to Image/Flatten Image, set the layers name to "faceless" if not already done so, and give the layer an alpha channel. Now I noticed I had screwed up the shadow on her left hand, so lets get rid of that shadow, by smudging over it.
[Image: part9.png]

We now need to make a new shadow for her left hand so lets name a new layer, and name it "hand-shadow" then change your foreground color to black, and grab your Paintbrush Tool (P), which the "Circle Fuzzy (19)" brush selected and draw where you think the shadow should go, and then bring the opacity down until you think the image looks more realistic. (I set mine to 30%)
[Image: part10e.png]

Then merge the layer down, and now all we need to do is fix that blur/glow that the Anisotropic Smoothing filter had gave us. So select your Clone Tool © then press CTRL and left click inside by her ear is where it's really dark, and just left click and drag to cover up where the blur had came in. Also do the same to the outside where the background is so her face isn't glowing (sort to speak), and you're now done.
[Image: facelessfinal.png]
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