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Full Version: pointing text box with rounded corners like on Google Maps
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Hi. I'm trying to make a shape that I don't know the name of, but it is similar in shape to the popup on Google Maps when you click on a restaurant (etc): sort of a rectangle with rounded corners and then one section juts out to a sharp point that points at the place on the map. It is similar to a speech balloon in comics, I suppose.

I have almost got it, but I wind up with bad aliasing/jaggy corners and jagginess at the "pointer" part of it. I'd like it to look as smooth as possible and yet also crisp.

I'd also like it to be gradient filled and be sitting on a transparent layer.

What is the smart way to go about this?

(Dec 14, 2010 09:14)ofnuts Wrote: [ -> ]Without knowing what you actually tried and what you consider too jaggy it's not too easy to make suggestions. Anti-aliasing always blurs edges a bit, at the pixel level.

Otherwise to obtain the shape, I would do:

- new layer (transparent background) big enough for balloon plus finger
- draw rectangular selection with "round corners" check
- bucket fill it (because you will want that visible later in the process)
- save selection to channel
- make the finger using polygonal path (two lines are enough), the open side should
be in the rectangle
- select/from path
- in Channels dialog, select the saved rectangle and add it to selection
- save selection again (you can drop the previously saved one)
- select all/erase (this removes the filled-in rectangle)

Now you have a transparent layer with a balloon-shaped selection, if you drag the gradient tool, it will only fill the balloon.

You can also autocrop the layer to reduce its size to the strict minimum (makes it easier to move/align).

This is extremely helpful, I have got something now that looks quite a bit better, plus I know more about GIMP than I did.

After these steps, I also stroked the selection (edge) with a one point dark gray line to give it a border, and although there is a rather small bit of jagginess around the corners, it is much better than what I had before. Thanks again!

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