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Full Version: Review my latest signature please :)
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I'm new on these forums and fairly new to gimp. This is a signature I made for CoD Black Ops. I was lookin for some critique.

[Image: call_of_duty__black_ops_sig_by_gizmo385-d33ob9q.jpg]
That's pretty nice, but there are come white pixels around the edges of your render, and the light gray smoke is a little bright in front of the guy.
Other than that, it's really pretty nice.
The edges of your render are very pixelated, and the white edges need to go. Additionally it's hard to see. Try making it easier to see the dude, but have a different background, and bring a C4D into play. It'll look so much better. Try looking at some online tutorials on sig designing. They're a major help.
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