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Full Version: Preferences Problem
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Okay, I use GIMP because I a starving artist (photographer). I'm having a couple of problems when I run GIMP, but my problem is I'm a photographer not a computer type guy. First once I start GIMP and it completes loading I get a little message box everytime that says:

'Unable to open test swap file. To avoid data loss...blah, blah, ....define your preferences (currently "c:\windows\system32\confg\systemprofile\.gimp-2.6")

Also when using GIMP I get following message from time to time:

"failed to create thumbnail folder (C:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\thumbnails\normal)."

Guess I should mention I have VISTA

I also have a problem with the preview, it will not preview any picture file.

Again I'm nowhere near a computer expert but some help would be appreciated, cheers.
Guess I should mention I have VISTA
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