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Full Version: Mike's Self Introduction
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Hello my names Mike, and I've been using Gimp ever sense I was 12, and I'm now 18, and turning 19 February 13th, so it's been 6 years of designing for me in the Gimp, and coming close to 7 years.

I'm more for graphic, and web designing, but I've been working on painting (still have a lot of work to do), 3d designing, and photo manipulations. Alongside Gimp I also use Blender for 3d modeling, as well as video production. I'm also getting into producing music, in which I use LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio) for that process, and Audacity as an audio editor.

You can view my gallery here, and the images below are some designs I've created over the years.

[Image: the_night_camera_by_mikethedj4-d30o13j.png]
[Image: talkingheadanimation.gif]
[Image: gimppimp_banner_by_mikethedj4-d2z6izi.png]
[Image: my_second_painting_by_mikethedj4-d32gl1a.png]
[Image: zombified_for_2010_halloween_by_mikethedj4-d31r1hv.png]
[Image: Rainbow_Spikes_by_mikethedj4.png]
[Image: 4761fb670228248b2b0ae33f6d7f7d42.jpg]
[Image: dead_planet_by_mikethedj4-d2xxhx3.png]

I created two tutorial websites about 2 months ago, and still working on getting the site situated as I want before the tutorials come out, and my gimp tutorial website is GimpPimp, and I have another tutorial site called BlenderPimp which is strictly for video production with Blender (and maybe audacity and lmms if they come up). If you guys wanna checkout my official website head here, and I'm almost done with my rap album, and I'll put one of the songs on there, but it won't be free, it'll just be a preview of the song. I'll make a music video for it, and put it on my YouTube Channel I just don't know when yet, but you guys can also hit up my YouTube Channel to checkout my Gimp tutorials (check them while you can, cause once I get GimpPimp's tutorials up I'll be removing almost all my later gimp tutorials on my channel)

Also for thoughs that have heard of me you can become a fan on my new FaceBook Fanpage. (I haven't told anyone about it until now so you guys are the first)

Also you guys can head here to use some userbars I created in Gimp, and they're free so you don't haft to spend a penny. Hope you enjoy them!
Wow, what an introduction! Great

Welcome Mike, nice to see you joined Gimp Forums.

Also thanks for mentioning LMMS, I recently was looking for an alternative to FL and completely forgot about the existence of LMMS from my Linux days.
Thanks, and yeah I love LMMS, and Linux, I do not just a lot of designing, but video production, and I also produce music as well.
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