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Full Version: Why does it do this?
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Basically im creating some artwork for thomson local and they require the image to be a certain size with 300 dpi, but every time i enter 300 dpi on the File>New>Advanced window my image turns huge and is way to big, but its only when i enter the 300 dpi. any idea why this doing this?
Any help would be much much appreciated
(Nov 18, 2010 12:42)ofnuts Wrote: [ -> ]The only thing that counts is the pixels. If they want 300DPI, they have given a size in inches and centimeters.

You can do the computation yourself and enter the size in pixels, or use the "Advanced options" in the new dialog to set the DPI and then enter the size in centimeters/inches.

Now, at 300DPI (which are really PPI, DPI are for your printer, that uses a lot of D inside every P Smile), a 10 inches picture is 3000 pixels.
I managed to sort the problem the DPI/PPI was set a Inches so i just swapped it to MM and hey presto! it worked. Thank you so much for the help!! Big Grin
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