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Full Version: Gimp vs Photoshop
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I was pretty happy to discover a free download of Gimp a while back when i first started wanting to express my artistic self.

Not having a lot of money, the word FREE was very appealing.
But then out of curiosity I looked at Photoshop wondering what features and capabilities it had. (For BIG BUCKS, of course.)

Being still pretty new to all this, i was wondering is there any way of comparing the two?

Is Photoshop "superior" just because it costs an arm and a leg?

What more could I expect feature wise if i came up with the bucks? Would I be wasting my money?

Not that i will ever have the money, but I can't figure out why people will pay hundreds of bucks for something that you can basically get for free.

What are the limitations of Gimp compared to Photoshop? Or is it true that just about anything you can do with PS you can do with gimp?
In my opinion, Photoshop isn't any better than GIMP, just has some cool little tools, which GIMP will have at some point, I'm sure.
Photoshop does have some 3D, but Blender 3D should be able to do anything it can do.
This is an answer I put on the Chit Chat forum. Male sure you read the last line.
We must get real. Gimp and Photoshop Elements are not in the same league as Photoshop or even close. When you go pro into making big money in the multimedia industry you will - you will use Photoshop. Gimp is an excellent program and is free and like PS when it started will get better each year. Elements is a excellent program also, but the name photoshop on it is misleading. It is nowhere near like Photoshop. Now get Photoshop out of you mind and realize you can do great things with Gimp and it will do everything you need for now no matter what your level of designing. You can and will if you have the desire be a great designer. Gimp is not used in game design like Halo, PS is. Every photo you see in a magazine is worked on in PS, not Gimp, etc., etc. Gimp is a great program and should be used in every puplic school starting in the 4th and 5th grade. If you don't know the difference between gimp and PS it is not even worth thinking about right now. Think Gimp, learn it first,do great things.
I have photoshop, and apparently I can't access all these mystical super features that are completely out of GIMP's league, all I see is a slightly better, WAAAAAY overrated and over priced program.
And just because its used in halo and magazines and movies and stuff, doesn't necessarily mean it's that great, just that everyone thinks it is.
If somebody could list the amazing features of Photoshop, please do.
If an individual thinks Gimp is as good as PS, it is not for me to try to change their mind. This is for for individuals that want to compare them. You would first open PS, but before we even get to the interface lets see what there is. In youtube search type... Learn Adobe Bridge CS4- Introducing Bridge CS4. After that search...Camera raw workflow: Photoshop CS5 for Photographers from These are on Youtube. You can learn Gimp on youtube,many, many tutorial videos.
After that go to... Go down to...CS5: A Crazy Advanced Masking Solution to a Really Challenging Project
Episode # CS5_017 picture of girls face. After that one you might want to watch a few more of his tutorials just for fun. Like Gimp there is a lot of free training for PS also. But now you know a couple of places where you can compare the two. These are only three differences out of lets say 100 or more.
Sorry...the above lets you see the difference but I did not fully show you how to answer the question.
First the cost of Photoshop is a crime against man, it is atrocious. But if you are serious about learning about the difference here goes. Beside the info above and the suggestions, go to down the page on the right is a blue square, says CS5 training. Click on that and you can see what is new in PS CS5. Give you a chance to see what PS is. Next go to youtube and watch some Gimp. Watch some Gimp, watch some PS. A bunch of each is on there. Now this is a Gimp forum so I will say if you want to learn Gimp the best way is simply youtube, "almost" everything you need to know is on there someplace. I teach a few PS but I do it for money. I teach many more young people Gimp for free. Because it is free, it is the best program to get into graphics and I think it should be taught in public schools starting in the 4th, 5th or 6thh grade at the latest. If you are young tell your teacher that. If you like love digital tech tell your parents to tell the teacher that. Unless you have a very good reason and lots of money stick with Gimp for now.
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