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Full Version: how to change the default image format?
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Hello, is there any way to force GIMP to always save in .png?

I'd would basically like to change every new image in .png rather than .gimp without having to specify this manually every time

rs232 :-)
I like to save it as .psd/ .xcf as i have access to the layers.

Although I export to.png /.jpg when preparing it for the web Smile

I do not see why you would want it to only export to one file type.
@ofnuts you seem to have some internal information about the future developments of GIMP. Care to share some more?
GIMP is the unique program, where use is different between users. I'm not expecting everybody to understand why I'm trying to achieve this, but it would be helpful if you can direct me on a way to achieve it (supposed this is possible of course)

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