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Full Version: More professional GIMP icon
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Any one else finds that the GIMP icon (and logo) does not look very proffesional. How about we all make a list of ICONS for GIMP, perhaps they can use it in their next 2.8 version....
I personally think that, although we all feel affection for Wilbur, he is hard to take seriously and is def not professional.
I agree with you ofnuts but at the same time i would love to see a redesign of gimp interface and logo. It will be interesting to work on this just for fun.
(Dec 10, 2013 23:40)ofnuts Wrote: [ -> ]Be my guest (and the guest of the Gimp devs...). You can always make suggestions... But Wilber is about as much part of the Gimp identity as Tux is for Linux. He will be hard to displace.

Oh definitly Wilber is truly the brand. Just think about a new design maybe.
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