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Full Version: [Unpaid] Remove Background Ready For Editing
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Please do the following steps to this picture:


1) Layer/Transparency/Add alpha channel
2) Layer/Mask/Add layer mask, initialize to white
3) You are now in layer mask editing. Where you paint black (paintbrush, pen or else) your image becomes transparent (checkerboard pattern shows through). Where you pain white it becomes opaque (you start with a fully opaque image)
4) Use a wide hard brush to remove most of the backround, and use a smaller (and fuzzy) brush for the borders of the subjet.
5) Try with white and black layers as backdrops to check your work.
6) When happy with result: Layer/Mask/Apply layer mask.
Save as XCF to preserve transparency


here it is. it's in png file format. and I edited it using the fuzzy selection tool because that's WAY faster and easier than erasing manually.
but (i don't want to be mean) I think you could have been nicer when you wrote directions (i dunno, it sounded a bit rude to me) but its kk.

so the file's attached. btw, png file supports transparency.
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