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What are your favorite and least favorite fonts to use in your graphics?
I hate plain fonts, such as verdana.

I prefer random fonts.
sans and impact are my fav fonts
i have a newspaper font that i hate
(Aug 14, 2010 10:51)dark lite Wrote: [ -> ]sans and impact are my fav fonts
i have a newspaper font that i hate

I prefer to use them fonts when writing official things, such as game design documents, or slideshows for work
I like Impact, haven't used it in more recent works though.
what font was used in your sig?
Can't remember made it so long ago.
ok, it doesn't matter. what font do you use for sigs ( in general ) ?
Honestly a wide variety, whatever looks good with the current sig. If you create standards, your work becomes predictable and less creative in my opinion. But I do prefer simpler fonts usually.
simple font's don't always work out well in games, which is what i do most!
So you've mentioned, many times.
I havn't. I mentioned it twice ( including the previous post of mine)
You've mentioned that you make games I mean.
yes i know. that is what i was saying Smile
Really. You've only mentioned that you make games 2 times?

this one is your youtube about a game your making

here you mention your game-making when talking about the healthbar

mention the game engine you use in your games

explaining your game making business in detail

mentioning you make games

introduce yourself as a game maker

mention you make games

during your advertising, you mention your forum and games, the relation can be implied yet again.

welcome a member by saying you make... GAMES!

mention how you like certain fonts for game design documents

you own a game design site! Oh like I haven't heard you the first 20 times


Not to mention your sig everywhere that leads to your forum which clearly leads to da GAMES.


Now please, in the future mikegames, be more accurate and honest when stating facts, especially when its clearly right or wrong, easy to answer, and a direct statement. It almost feels like a little less advertising of yourself wouldn't hurt this forum.
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