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Full Version: I really need some help, please!
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Hello GIMP pros!

I need some help. What I'm trying to do is take an image off the net (mainly Marvel and DC characters) and open them up in GIMP and making the "reverse" image of that file. So I will have the character twice, but when printed I can paste the two back to back and they both show the same image, back and front....hope that made sense.

Also, how would I put, lets say, 5 images on one sheet of paper? I don't want to print just one image on 1 sheet and waste so much paper. I'd like to get 4 -6 on 1 sheet of paper, print them out and glue them back to back for my paper miniatures.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

(Aug 11, 2011 06:36)ofnuts Wrote: [ -> ]Printing several images on the same sheet of paper is something you can do even with the Image and Fax viewer in Windows, you don't really need Gimp for that.

To do a composite image in Gimp:
- create a new image
- File/Open as layers: you can select several files at the same time (if they are all in the same directory of course), and they will be added as new layers to the image. Repeat as necessary to load all you images. This load all your images one above another so you will mostly see the top one.
- Use the Move tool to drag the various images around to spread them over the image canvas. If you need more space, use "Image/Canvas size" to enlarge your canvas
- Save your image with extension XCF while you work on it (native Gimp image format, keeps everything, you can continue work later)
- You can print directly from Gimp but if you need to print using another utility you will have to save the image in a more "common" format (I strongly suggest PNG)(and save it again at once as .XCF so that your next saves will be done again in XCF format).
- To create the symmetrical images for the back use "Image/Transform/Flip horizontally" on your final image.


Thanks for that. I think I "get it" now.

This is what I'm trying to replicate, but using my own images.

I'm trying to follow this but I cant get the image to "flip" and show both images.

Is there a youtube video showing how to do this or some other visual tutorial?

I'll try that, thanks Ofnuts.

Please understand it's not your directions, they are clear's my total lack of skill, total noobness and lack of patience Smile
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