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Hey I'm Ajit. My names Jacob, I've been Gimping for a few years now.

I have Gimp to thank for where I am. I'm a student at the University of Texas and studying Advertising, and it all began when I started using Gimp a few years back. Before then I didn't even know what I wanted to be. Thanks Smile

I plan to be around and am so happy to see there is an official Gimp forum now!
Welcome, Jacob! Happy to see you joined GIMP Forums.

Actually the forum is run by volunteers, and not the actual people behind the GIMP project. I guess the similar look of this forum gave a reason to think the forum is official. It's much like GIMP's original website, and we got permission for that.

I really hope this will not be a reason to not stay with us. Smile

hehe, its a mark against the place to be honest, but I'll stay and help!

I'm looking to help moderate or administrate so let me know if you are looking for staff positions.
if anything, I would be moderator first, because i was one of the original members, and also I am the top poster, and have been helping/ contributing to this forum often!

but anyway, welcome to the forum m8! enjoy your time here!
Ha well in the end it is apparent that we don't need a mod right now as this place isn't that big yet.
So nice to see there are volunteers willing to help. Thank you, guys!
Most definitely.
how come any site i join someone i know from some where else already joined. oh well wellcome to GF
over 100 members, I think it is quite big.
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