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Full Version: Mikesgames' 2D portfolio!
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hey everyone!

I have been busy for the last 25 minutes, making myself a new forum avatar and sig.
They took me about 5 minutes for the avatar, and 20 for the sig ( I always plan on paper 1st)

I am very good at using GIMP, and I am always learning new things. Check out my portfolio ( ) and my blog ( ), because I always upload my stuff there.

here is the avatar ( which I am going to use):
[Image: 302p0uf.png]

And here is the sig(s):
[Image: 50rzic.png] ( for other forums)
and this:
[Image: sfyli0.png]

I am going to update this topic as often as I can, and I am always happy to recieve C&C.

Before anyone says that there is alot of empty space: that is deliberate.

Thanks, Michael!
very nice. i like it
Thanks. Any more comments or is this forum to dead to reply?
well, I have not updated in a while -

[Image: 3447814_orig.png]

Let me know what ya thinks Smile
did you draw that?
That's pretty awesome.

Also, I have a question, if you have a tablet, what is it?
it is a Trust Slimline Design Tablet TB-5300
Thanks, I'm gonna get some tablet soon, my birthday's in 5 days. Big Grin
well happy birthday for then Smile

how old will you be?

show us what you got when u get the tablet
I'm gonna turn 18, I'll post a pic of it in my thread, whenever I get it... : )
okay, cool
Quickly - any entries to my contest ready??
now back on topic:

I will post some more work from my graphics tablet soon.
I'm still working on mine.
I got weird artifacts on one of my pictures that I'm using, I'm painting them out by hand.

Any chance of a preview????
Sometime Sunday, I don't have it with me tonight

Thanks for telling me Smile
Well, I think I'm done with it, but, yet again, I didn't bring it with me.
How about tomorrow...
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